About Our Group

We would like to try and reach as many carers as possible as we know how hard it is caring for a loved one with an eating disorder.  If you have never been to a support group why not give us a try?  We are a small friendly group and you can join in as much or as little as you wish.  It is OK if you just want to come and listen. We like to keep our support meetings informal so that they feel just like an intimate chat over coffee with friends. All we ask is that anything discussed at the meeting stays at the meeting; so that participants can feel reassured that any personal information shared is done so in a safe, confidential  and caring environment. You are not committed to come to each session, just come along as and when you want to.  For most of our meetings there is no charge.  If you are nervous of meeting up with a bunch of strangers remember we all have something in common - we all care for a child / young person / relative with an eating disorder.  There is certainly no shortage of topics to talk about and it can be very helpful if you are experiencing a particularly difficult time to talk to other parents who have been there and understand. Other relatives and close family friends are welcome too.

For the date of the next support group meeting, see the 'Contact Us' page. 

From time to time we offer the option to 'walk & talk' in a small group on evenings & weekends,  at various locations around Essex.

About  Our Group Facilitators

In 2013 a group of parents whose children were being treated by the CAMHS Eating Disorder Team, based at the Maplehurst Centre, Colchester, attended an eleven week Skills Based Course based on the New Maudsley Method.  Whilst the course was very helpful, huge benefit was also gained from meeting up weekly with other parents and talking over our experiences.  When the course finished several of the families continued to meet up regularly.  By the beginning of 2014 we had shared a lot of experiences and information and felt it could be of use to other people.  We collected together the information we had shared and from this came the idea of a website.  Other parents have since joined us and during 2014 we formed EAS-ED and launched our website.

Parents whose children are in recovery or have fully recovered are an important part of the group, able to empathise with the challenges faced and offer hope and inspiration to others.


NEP Carers Support Group

In addition to EAS-ED support group which is open to all carers, there is another support group open only to families of adult service users accessing NHS ED services (or eligible to access NHS ED services) through North Essex Partnership NHS Trust in mid and north Essex. This group meets monthly on Wednesday evenings 6.00-7.30pm in Ongar (1st Wednesday) and Colchester (3rd Wednesday). 

For details please contact Astrid Pollard on 01206 333300.