This section provides details of books and other information sources which parents have found useful.

There are also some 'Reviews' and information about some Research Projects on separate pages.

There is another extensive book list in the section 'Accessing Therapy - Co-Existing Conditions'.


•  The Maudsley :  www.national.slam.nhs.uk/services/camhs/camhs-eatingdisorders

The following link outlines some of the methods used at The Maudsley: thenewmaudsleyapproach.co.uk

•  General Information websites: 


Books on Eating Disorders:
     • Skills Based Learning for Caring for a Loved One with and Eating Disorder – The New Maudsley Method (Janet Treasure, Grainne Smith & Anna Crane ISBN 978-0-415-43158-3)
     • Anorexia and Bulimia in the Family (Grainne Smith ISBN 0-470-86161-4) (See Review page)
     • Help your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder (James Lock, Daniel Le Grange ISBN 987-1-57230-908-1)

Books on Thinking Styles / Other Themes:

• Positive Psychology – a Practical Guide (by Bridget Grenville-Cleave)– This is a great series of pocket sized books packed full of really accessible and interesting information and suggestions. This one includes plenty of self help exercises.

• Brilliant Positive Psychology - What makes us happy, optimistic and motivated (by Charlotte Style) - 'a wealth of information, ideas and exercises'

• Emotional Intelligence (by Daniel Goleman)

• Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway (Susan Jeffers) - "an amazing, inspirational, fast read" 

• Learned Optimism (Martin E. Seligman) - " Explains how important a parent's own 'explanatory style' can be in influencing his / her child's optimism and ability to deal with life's adversities","Explores how to overcome the 'learned helplessness' which often accompanies depression, with self-help exercises." 

• Counselling - a Practical Guide – "another pocket sized book providing a fascinating insight into how and why counselling works"

• The Compassionate Mind – by Paul Gilbert . "This is a long book delivered in a friendly conversational style, covering the way the mind works. It explains the ‘primitive’ hormone driven automatic reactions, and it includes exercises to train the mind to be more aware of these reactions, accepting of ourselves, and guide our thoughts to be more positive. It seems to be both a guide for counsellors and a self help book, written by a psychologist."

• Conquer your Stress (Cary L. Cooper, Stephen Palmer ISBN 0-85292-853-X)

Podcasts / Radio :

• BBC Sounds / Radio 4 produces various programs (some available as podcasts) covering mental health and psychology in general, e.g. All In the Mind, In Search of Ourselves

Other: Mood Gym

MoodGym is a CBT based online programme that is designed to prevent and treat depression in young people and anxiety for all ages. See Review page for more information. Direct link to the website : www.moodgym.anu.edu.au/welcome

Other Resources:

Relaxation CDs - There are plenty to choose from and various sources, e.g.    “Relax – Restoring calm through meditation, creative visualisation and emotional control” - Mike George.

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