skills based course

 Reviews of Skills Based Group Programme as offered by North Essex NHS

"Our family was invited to participate in CAMHS's Skillls Based Group Programme for Parents, an 11 week course as offered by North Essex NHS.
The programme, based on the New Maudsley approach,  has been informed by leading professionals involved in the field of eating disorders, and uses evidence based research, personal and professional experience with eating disorders, and practical support skills,  in order to help equip parents with the skills and knowledge needed to support those suffering from an eating disorder.

The topics covered included:

  • Understanding medical risks
  • Understanding what behavioural and emotional-reaction patterns we can fall into as carers
  • Developing resilience against stress / looking after ourselves
  • Understanding how positive change can happen
  • Developing skills for communicating with a young person suffering from an eating disorder
  • Relationships
  • Managing eating and difficult behaviour

After attending the course for 11 weeks, as parents we felt we had gained Increased confidence and knowledge about eating disorders.

We felt better equipped and more confident that we had the skills to support our child with their eating disorder,  and learnt techniques for coping with mealtimes, as well as new approaches to communications with an emphasis on making time to listen. It helped me realised the importance of managing my own stress levels and looking after myself. Most importantly, we made lasting friendships with a number of other parents and have been able to support each other through our ups and downs, transitions to other services, as well as recoveries."

"I found the role playing helped me understand the power of the inner voice of anorexia. It helped become more patient with my child and try different ways to support meal times."

"When we learnt about the 'circle of change' it started to make sense why we sometimes move forward, and then go backwards, before moving forward again. But the main things is that positive change is always possible."

"We found this book complimented the material covered in the course: Skills Based Learning for Caring for a Loved One with and Eating Disorder – The New Maudsley Method (Janet Treasure, Grainne Smith & Anna Crane ISBN 978-0-415-43158-3)"